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Kickstart Your Email Challenge


Let’s Build Your Business On Something You Can Control – Your Email List.

The Ultimate 3 Day Challenge To Help Your Launch & Grow Your Email List…

or revive a dead one! Let me be your personal guide in starting, serving, and scaling your email list (and your results!) My email list is the #1 way that I drive income and results in my business and I want you to build your own list so that can be true for you too!

What You’ll Learn:

DAY 1. BUILD – How to choose the best email marketing platform for you biz and the importance of ‘the welcome sequence’ and what it should include for a high open rate.

DAY 2. GROW – What strategy will you implement to grow your email list? Design a strategy that feels good and is aligned & sustainable over time (I have so many ideas for you!)

DAY 3. CONNECT – How to simply create & send your very first email without stress – and how to plan for consistency for the future!

→ Flodesk + Convertkit Tutorials
→ Welcome Sequence Templates + Guide
→ Grow Your List Fast: 30 Lead Generation Ideas
→ 50 Subject Line Ideas PDF

Kylie Kelly

Kylie Kelly is a visibility & email marketing strategist, helping female business owners grow and monetize their email list fast, serving them through her two memberships, The Spotlight Club and Email Empire.

She loves to teach simple relationship based strategies (think summits, bundles, freebie swaps & more!) and believes that business – and email marketing – gets to be FUN!

She is also a podcast host of This Mama Means Business and is a boy mama of two, Spencer & Samuel.

After this challenge, I feel much better about growing my email list. I feel that you really break it down into bite size pieces, along with the templates you provided, make it seem so much much easier! I know that I can now go out & get it going – and I also loved the ideas on how to grow my email list without spending money!

Thank you Kylie!

Susan P


I’ve been sharing my lead magnet in as many places as I could and watching new people trickle in VERY slowly. As soon as I heard Kylie share about how she has grown her list this year, I knew I had to try it – and BAM – I had over 300 signups from the first strategy. I’m blown away!

Nicole S.

Attract Your Dream Audience with Blogging


Tap Into The Power Of Blogging To Bring Your Tribe Your Tribe To You And Build Your Audience

Feel like you’re creating great content, but it’s not getting seen? Join Jenny as she walks you through how to attract your dream audience with blogging. She’s giving you the plan you need to get seen!

What You’ll Get

A video workshop (value $47)

Jenny Melrose

Jenny is a former reading specialist who “retired” from her teaching career when her blogging income far exceeded her salary.
Now, she’s combining her passion for teaching with her extensive experience of creating strategic content for online business owners via JennyMelrose.com and her podcast, Influencer Entrepreneurs with Jenny Melrose as well as her first book Influencer Entrepreneurs: The 4-Step Framework to Building Your Audience, Growing Your Business, and Making More Money Online.

Jenny’s workshop was thorough and gave me the path I needed to move my blogging business forward.

200 Leads in 2 Weeks Course


Get everything you need to get 200 leads in 2 weeks with this digital course + video training!

Tired of relying on referrals alone? Get ready to get leads WAY FASTER as you learn my exact step-by-step for getting leads and growing your email list every single day!

This digital course shows you EXACTLY how to get 200 leads in 2 weeks. I’ll show you 8 different ways to get leads and grow your email list (both paid and unpaid)! The truth is there are people all around you – use my lead generation strategies to grow your audience FAST!

What You’ll Get:
8 different ways to get leads and grow your email list (both paid and unpaid)!

BONUS 200 LEADS IN 2 WEEKS TRACKER: When you enroll for this round, you’ll get 200 leads spreadsheet tracker + video tech training that shows you my step-by-step for tracking the EXACT leads strategies that are working best for you (so you don’t waste time doing things that don’t work!)

Get ready to get leads WAY FASTER as you learn my exact step-by-step for getting leads and growing your email list every single day!

Tammy Pereira

Tammy Pereira is a marketing and advertising strategist, with more than 20 years of experience, specializing in Facebook Ads for ambitious, empire-building female entrepreneurs, coaches and done-for-you service providers.

Her consulting and ad services have generated results for clients including upwards of $55,000 in revenue in a single week.

She’s been featured on stages across the US including Money Maker Live with Alyssa J Dillon. Tammy lives in Michigan with her two children and Lulu, the cutest Boston Terrier you’ll hear snoring on every Zoom call.

“I’m grateful for many things today but one of them in this group and Tammy Pereira. I started running my ads on November 12 and I’ve gotten 70 leads!! This may not be a lot from some but this was a lot for me. Prior to that over about 4 months I had only gotten 47 leads total. From 47 leads in 4 months to 70 leads in roughly 3 weeks!! I’m so grateful for what i’ve learned here 😀”

Alto Edwards


“Tammy Pereira has an incredible gift and is able to break down the many facets of Facebook ads. She makes Facebook ads accessible to business owners who have often struggled in the past with ads working for their business. If you are thinking about using Facebook ads you must consult Tammy first!”

Emily Kate Koffer

Facebook Ad Blueprint


Everything you need know when setting up FB and IG Ads

Facebook Ad Blueprint arms you with the Important information you need to know! FB ads can be exactly what your business needs to grow, scale, get new leads and prospects. There is a lot to consider, and paid ads can be scary and complicated. This Blueprint is just what you need to get started with paid ads, or to improve your existing campaigns.

Included in the Blueprint are:


What You’ll Get:

Infographic – The 5 Steps To Set Up Before You Even Log Into Ads Manager

A Goal Worksheet

A Paid Ad Tracker

A Resource Guide

The Ideal Budgets To Use By Goal Cheat Sheet

Carlene Kelsey

Carlene helps entrepreneurs get more traffic, engagement and leads by creating the best return on ad spend campaigns.

She creates campaigns with whatever marketing budget her clients can work with for their business growth & expansion.

Now is the perfect time to use strategic ads for growth, leads and achieve the income you deserve.

Because I’m tech challenged, Carlene is able to take my vague idea and make it better. She is very organized and completes tasks ahead of time. She is open to brainstorming ideas and keeps updated on new innovative systems processes and improvements. Carlene always over delivers. She is fast, efficient and “super” talented when it comes to online technology. Carlene gets things done.

Yvonne M, Business Coach & Consultant 

I’m getting $.01 Video Views

Chris C.

My Lead Form is Working

John M.

Page Likes are up 50%

Susan S.

Pinterest Boost


Demystify Pinterest and create your easy pinning strategy (no automation tools needed!) so you can bring consistent traffic to your blog

Still not sure what the best Pinterest practices are? Still figuring out how the platform works and how to make your Pins go viral? Not sure if you’re pinning often enough, using the right design or whether group boards are still a thing?

Pinterest Boost is your shortcut to getting many page views on Pinterest and turning them into blog traffic.

In one short masterclass, you’ll get introduced to the things you really need to know about Pinterest as a creator, what works and what doesn’t work on the platform (and how to avoid penalties), how to go about designing your Pins so they can be unique, rank well and get the attention they deserve, the anatomy of a viral Pin, as well as some things I’ve found out about pinning through trial and error after spending years on the platform (and reaching a million monthly page views).

What You’ll Get:

Pinterest Boost Masterclass

35 Pinterest Canva Templates so you can create your own Pins in seconds instead of thinking of your own design and wasting hours.

Whether you’re new to Pinterest or have been using it for some time and seen results but now want to grow your views again, this masterclass is for you.

Lidiya Kesarovska

Lidiya Kesarovska is the founder of Let’s Reach Success – https://letsreachsuccess.com/ –

She’s a blogger, author, course creator and business mentor with 7 years of experience, and has been named one of the top 10 course creators and experts to watch in 2021 by Yahoo! Finance, been featured on TIME magazine, Thrive Global, Disrupt Magazine, and more.


Pinterest Boost is a crash course for those who have heard of Pinterest and are getting ready to use it for their business but don’t want to spend a ton of money and time getting to learn it. Lidiya does a great job simplifying it for us busy business owners and content creators.

She helps undo all the old ways Pinterest used to work. Things we used to do like join group boards was the best tip, because while Pinterest can be easy to learn, we just don’t have all the time in the world to find and request access to group boards. This is going to save so much more time!”

Phebe Rose, The Noun M

23 Legal Mistakes to Avoid in Business


Legal Mistakes Can Be Very Costly And Devastating For Your Business And Personal Life So Learn To Avoid Them In Less Than 30 Minutes!

Legal mistakes can be very costly and devastating for your business and personal life! In less than 15 minutes, find out the 23 most common legal mistakes you should avoid as a business owner (written by a lawyer and entrepreneur). This ebook will provide an overview of the legal issues and help you take action to protect your business before it’s too late. Don’t wait- download this free ebook now!

What You’ll Get:

Mistake #1: Can get you audited, fined and sued by the FTC.

Mistake #2: Can get you in legal trouble with your readers.

Mistake #3: Can get you in ugly legal disputes with your customers.

Amira Irfan

Internationally renowned Amira Irfan is the business lawyer, blogger, and coach behind A Self Guru, an online company that has been featured around the world for helping entrepreneurs legally protect their businesses through its affordable legal templates and services.

Amira has had the honor of helping over 50,000 entrepreneurs comply with the laws and safeguard their businesses. Her work has been featured in 200 media outlets such as Ticker News, Yahoo Finance, International Business Times, Business Digest Magazine, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, US Times Now, and more!

This ebook was the most enlightening book I came across to help me become a legally protected entrepreneur! I love Amira and her legal templates and products

Susan S

– After reading Amira’s 23 legal mistakes ebook, I quickly realized there are so many missing pieces to my online business and need to begin protecting myself better. What an eye opener!

Julie R

– This was the most eye opening book I have read in a while. I realized very quickly that I myself was making many of these legal mistakes in my business that I can now remedy with her guidance.

Andrea C

Email Follow-Up Planner

Want To Turn More Leads Into Customers?

Learn How to…

–>Give your ideal prospect what they want and need

–>Design your email series with your sales funnel in mind

–>Strike the right balance between offers and info

–>Create click-worthy subject lines

This high-quality-designed workbook is creating from real life experiences of long-time email marketers.

Learn How to…

Give your ideal prospect what they want and need

Design your email series with your sales funnel in mind
Strike the right balance between offers and info
Create click-worthy subject lines

Jeannette Koczela

Jeannette Koczela, a certified Spiritual Life and Business Coach, is the Founder/ President of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches®, an online life coach directory and professional organization supporting life coaches with credibility, connections, cash-flow training, visibility, marketing strategies, and business tools.

Jeannette has a gold mine of business and marketing training for coaches. As the ‘Queen of Content,’ she will teach you all you need to know to operate and market your coaching business successfully. The people I see who have content, couldn’t even carry her briefcase in terms of the quality and depth of the trainings she has. I was blown away reading her material and I thought, ‘Wow, she’s got a ton of value to bring to these people.’ My recommendation is, you’ve struck it rich! You don’t need to go anywhere else!

Gary Henson, Founder, BusinessCoach.com


You are a great example of how to serve your audience on a consistent basis. Thanks for what you do.

Ragini Michaels, www.raginimichaels.com

Pintastic Profitable Lead-Generator


Turn Pinterest into a Profitable Lead-Generator

Every mediocre ad is a wasted opportunity. And let’s face it, nobody remembers a forgettable ad. Your brand deserves better than that.

Finally a roadmap that escalates your Pinterest ads in just a few weeks without relying on unproven tactics, guaranteed.

What You’ll Get:

Crafting the Perfect Pinterest Ad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Why NOW is Your Golden Opportunity for Pinterest Ads

Decoding Pinterest Ads: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Laura Rike

Laura Rike is a Pinterest Strategist who helps high-performing business owners implement content growth plans, outsource their visibility and steadily grow their monthly revenue through her signature growth to greatness framework with done for you services and course packages.

She has helped clients and students bring in over 50k+ in monthly revenue. Her clients have become industry leaders with 6-figure businesses and are growing sustainably by ranking on the first page of Google and getting targeted email leads daily. Laura has been featured on Social Media Examiner, Tailwind, MeetEdgar, Agorapulse, and Ecamm Network.

I was so impressed by Laura’s professionalism and knowledge. She knows Pinterest through and through and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for help with Pinterest or Technical guidance.

Thanks again Laura!

Peggy Re James


I love the direction and progress I’m making with Pinterest!!

I’ve been wanting to dive into Pinterest for years…but felt overwhelmed. Luara and her team have taken the overwhelm out and helped me every step of the way as I’ve asked LOTS of questions.

Andee Martineau


Welcome Email Template


Get on The “Same Page” With Your New Email Subscribers

Stop guessing the “perfect” words to say to your audience when they join your email list.

Plug in your information with your email template and get to implementing!

What You’ll Get:

Plug & Play Template

Christina Lopez

Christina Lopez is a former online business coach now turned into an online content creator that helps creators automate their traffic, content, and income.

GUYS YOU NEED TO GET ON THAT I had one conversation with Tina and it completely exploded my growth and forward motion in business.


It’s amazing to have an audience I can sell to at any point in time, I can simply write an email to my audience and make money whenever I choose to – I don’t need to compete with the social media algorithm or create content from scratch; email marketing allows me a second option.


Ready Made List Building Funnel Template (Built In Systeme.io)


A Comprehensive Way To Launch Your Program Sales System

Start Building Your Email List & Fill Your Calendar With Pre-Qualified Leads With The Ready Made List Building Funnel. Save hours of time with this complete Systeme.io Template. Ready to be imported straight into your Account. Perfect for coaches who sell high ticket products ideal over zoom.
What You’ll Get:

Optin Page Template

Application Page Template

Thank You Page Template

Tiffany Ngu

Tiffany Ngu is the founder of The Marketing Shortcuts.

She specialises in simplifying online process for coaches and consultants, providing them with ready-made templates and automation so they can grow more revenue while working less.

With Tiffany’s decade of experience, you will quickly learn that funnels aren’t just about numbers, they’re about building trust and long-lasting relationships with clients.

Her passion for helping coaches and consultants grow their businesses sustainably will leave you feeling empowered and inspired.

When she’s not busy conquering the digital world, Tiffany loves to travel, learn to cook new cuisines, and stay fit with a good workout.

I highly endorse and strongly recommend Tiffany as an exceptional mentor and educator in the field of marketing funnel strategies and business scaling. Her profound expertise and comprehensive knowledge have proven invaluable in elevating my understanding of effective sales funnels and cost-saving techniques for my inline skate and outsourcing business. For anyone aspiring to take their business to new heights and gain profound insights into optimizing sales funnels, I wholeheartedly encourage engaging with Tiffany’s invaluable guidance and instruction.

Michelle Alisha Khor, Business Development Manager


How to Book Clients & Discovery Calls Using Instagram


The 4 Steps You Need To Consistently Book Discovery Calls & Clients Using Instagram

Instagram is a free tool for building authentic connections with your audience and getting your calendar booked!

Barely anyone in the coaching or consulting space is using Instagram in a classy, effective way to generate leads and calls.

And these days, Instagram is probably more widely used by your audience trying to escape the oversaturated and spammy world of Facebook.

Which gives YOU a huge advantage…if you can get your hands in the right system to book calls from Instagram!

What’s Inside This Program:

Niche Clarity : Learn how to choose a strong niche & attract them on Instagram.

5-Star Instagram Bio & Profile Checklist: Let’s increase your online visibility & get your profile setup in a way that helps you standout in a crowded market.

How to Book Discovery Calls: Get exclusive access to my 4-Step Process to help you gain new followers within your niche & book weekly discovery calls as soon as this week!

Content Roadmap: How to consistently create content that drives ACTION, shares, engagement, and discovery calls from your audience (And don’t worry, you don’t have to do dancing Instagram reels to be successful)

Algorithm Booster: My checklist to help you boost the visibility of your posts with the current Instagram algorithm (continually updated as Instagram continues to change).

BONUS: Triple Your Clients in 30 days!: 5-Day training where I show you exactly what I did to triple my client base in only 30 days!

BONUS: CEO Mindset Library: Tools and resources to help you develop your 6-figure mindset, overcome fear of sales, stop worrying about what others think of you, coaching business lies holding you back, and more!

BONUS: Instagram Tech Tutorials: You will get access to a library with the ins-and-outs of how to use Instagram’s features to the fullest: How to get a Business account, linking your stories to your FB, creating reels, and much more!

Hailey Rowe

Hailey Rowe is a Marketing & Sales Coach, as well as a Linkedin Lead Generation Service Provider.

She helps health coaches, life coaches, course creators, & consultants get clients without social media overwhelm. She shares her F.A.S.T. framework, marketing, and business tips on her Health Coach Nation Podcast & in her FREE Marketing Hub Facebook Group.

She’s been named as one of the Top 25 Coaches in Chicago & one of the Top 6 business podcasts for health coaches. Since 2010, Hailey has worked in the coaching industry & in business development/marketing for startups.

Working with Hailey has not only changed my career but has changed my life. Before starting with Hailey I was so uncertain business. After finishing my degree I looked at myself and said, “Well I have all this wealth of knowledge, but how the heck do I turn that into to profitable business?” I got help step by step to build something that I am truly proud of today.

I went from booking a few clients sporadically at a very low price to selling high ticket 3-month packages, group nutrition challenges, and developing partnerships with companies such as Google and Expedia to give lectures and workshops.

Hailey taught me the tools to make this happen and most importantly gave me the confidence to do so. I am forever grateful for her guidance and support.”

Danielle, Holistic Health Coach


Before meeting with Hailey, I met 2 other business coaches. Neither of them were as up to date & helpful as Hailey. After our first consultation together, I got a new client paying at my new raised rate. She is the real deal!! If you’re looking to grow your clientele, figure out your niche market, and how to get qualified clients through Instagram & Facebook, I cannot recommend Hailey Rowe enough!”

Tigris, Wellness Coach

Virtual Summit Planning Bundle

Plan out your first (or next) virtual summit in a matter of days rather than weeks.
What You’ll Get:

Virtual Summit Success Kit: Your streamlined one page plan to hosting a thriving virtual summit (Value US$47)

Summit Launch Planner: A detailed 90-day roadmap and fillable daily calendar for seamless planning, saving you 1000s of hours and dollars. (Value US$97)

Marketing Promotional Calendar: Maximize attendee attraction with a comprehensive resource for creating magnetic marketing materials, including emails and social media (Value US$197)

Sponsorship Superpack: Impress sponsors with a sleek Canva pitch deck and a fill-in-the-blank email template for a guaranteed “yes” and secured funding for an unforgettable event. (US$197)

Powerful Bulletproof Fill-In-The-Blank Speaker Pitch Templates (Value US$197) to guarantee an open, even from world class people you admire

User-friendly Speaker Swipe Copy and Graphic Templates: Fill-in-the-blank resources to make participation and sharing with their audiences a no brainer. (US$297)

Summit Budget Planner to keep your summit finances on track (Value US$47)

Tech Toolkit: An essential checklist for glitch-free tech during your event (Value US$67)

Virtual Summit Success Playbook: a step by step playbook that will get your summit mapped out, launched, and delivered (Value $47)

Casey Lightbody

Casey is a business growth strategist and marketing mentor for intuitive, conscious, impact-driven women. As a seasoned entrepreneur who has scaled multi six figure companies over the last 10 years, Casey knows first hand what it takes to create sustainable yet exponential success.

After making the hard decision to close her first business, she went on to build her second in a way that feels abundant, aligned and authentic and is now dedicated to helping women embody their quiet power and scale their businesses, 100% on their terms.

Casey, it’s been so lovely being a part of your summit and have really loved the recordings that I have listened to! Lots A-Ha moments and can’t wait to put them all into practice! Thank you, thank you, thank you


Casey Lightbody – thanks so much for this amazing summit! I’ve caught as much as I could on replays! You’ve brought together such beautiful souls!


Email Marketing Mega Pack

Best Tools for Creating High-Converting Automated Emails

Elevate your email marketing game with the Email Marketing Mega Pack, a dynamic toolkit designed to boost your business’s growth and efficiency.

This pack streamlines your strategy, offering tools for impactful content creation and performance tracking. With ready-to-use templates and innovative topic generators, it eliminates guesswork, saving you time and enhancing engagement.

The strategic planner and insightful stats tracker empower you to understand and captivate your audience better, leading to increased open rates and customer engagement.

What You’ll Get:

Email Marketing Planner: Planning ahead is the key to a successful marketing plan. My Email Marketing Planner will help you set goals, identify target audiences, and create content that resonates with your audience.

Email Swipe Files: A collection of some of my favorite tried-and-true emails. Just add them to your email marketing system and you’re good to go!

Subject Line Power Words: Your marketing can be so much more effective by choosing the right words! Use these power words to make your emails stand out. With my Subject Line Power Words, you can create a more enticing subject line in minutes.

Email Topic Generator: Stop worrying about what to say in your next email. The Email Topic Generator can help you come up with the perfect message.

Email Marketing Stats Tracker: Tracking your email marketing campaigns is important for understanding how your customers are engaging with your content. Use my handy stats tracker to track your key metrics.

When used correctly, email is one of the most powerful ways to attract and connect with your ideal clients! I’ve bundled together some of my top products to position you for email marketing success!

Dr. Denise Dennis

Dr. Denise Dennis helps coaches automate their businesses so they can regain their time, streamline their systems, and generate revenue. Through her marketing automation agency, ActionAccelerated, Dr. Denise sets up stress-free automated systems to attract new leads, build relationships, convert sales, and deliver consistent, high-quality service with ease.

As a result of working with Dr. Denise, her clients gain room to breathe in their business, along with the confidence and peace of mind in knowing that nothing and no one is falling through the cracks.

Dr. Dennis understands how to make businesses efficient and profitable. Her technological expertise has helped me set up systems to attract more clients and increase visibility in the marketplace. She is a true professional and always over-delivers.

SharRon Jamison, MBA, Life Coach, Author, Inspirational Speaker


Since working with Denise, my business and my thoughts about my business have taken a dramatic shift!!! If you are looking to improve your side business, Dr. Denise Dennis should without a doubt be at the top of your list of people to speak to!!

Deirdre L. Martin, Virtual Assistant for Pastors, Ministers, and Small Businesses

The Audience Accelerator


Get ready to reach your ideal clients and build a fiery-hot audience of potential buyers!

With The Audience Accelerator, you’ll learn the true ‘set and forget’ strategy that grows your email list, group members and IG followers, without needing daily updating or endless babysitting (and without being tripped up weekly iOS updates or algorithm changes).
What You’ll Get:

Facebook Ads for List Building

Facebook Ads for Facebook Groups

Facebook Ads for IG Followers

Facebook Ads for Page Likes

Amber Rose Thomas

Amber Rose is an online business strategist and mentor for coaches, course creators and online experts who want to grow their business and make sales on autopilot with the power of funnels and paid ads. She’s the founder of the paid ads boutique ‘Launch with Amber’ and lives in Cardiff, UK.

I would totally recommend The Audience Accelerator to a friend! It was 100% worth it and it really made me think about other things I could run ads for that I hadn’t thought about before!

Louise, VA


TBH I completely rolled my eyes at the whole $10/day thing but it really is working!! So I guess I’ll have to eat my words! Which are also 10x better btw because I’m using your copy templates now 😉

Katie, Brand Designer

Lead Generation Funnel Bundle


Get Your First (or next) Lead Generation Funnel Up And Running In 30 Minutes or Less!

The Lead Funnel Template Pack makes it super simple to get your first (or next) lead generation funnel up and running.

What You’ll Get:

Lead Funnel Template: Import this plug-and-play funnel template and start building your email list in as little as 30 minutes!

Design Training: With so many strategies to choose from, it’s easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis. Cut through the noise and take an inside look at three of the most successful lead generation strategies working today.

Email Sequence Checklist: 95% of sales happen in the follow up!

If you’re ready to build brand awareness and gain more leads, but are unsure where to start, this funnel bundle is your opportunity to get things rolling! (Without any frankenfunnels or tech headaches!)

Megan Bingham

Meg is a certified Stress Management Specialist, Master Marketer, Host of the Becoming Burnout Proof podcast, and the Founder of the Work Life Harmony Club. It’s her mission to help entrepreneurs increase their income and impact *without* burning out. She uses strategic offer creation, simple marketing systems, and specialized stress management coaching to help her clients scale sustainably and build a harmonious life they love.

The funnel was quick and easy to set up. I consider myself slightly tech challenged and I was able to change it to match my branding without any problems. I got my funnel up and running so much faster than if I would have tried to do it on my own.

–  Christina, Health Coach

There are so many different funnel strategies that can be used for a product/service. Megan knows all of them and how to find the best options to fit your business and your audience! She’s incredible to work with. Megan can pull out those ideas and make them come to life in a stable, ready-to-scale kind of way. Her strategy sessions and coaching have been a saving grace! I highly recommend working with Meg!”

Karleigh, CDMP & EOS Integrator

Blueprint Builder Strategy Workbook

Create Your Dream Year!

Make 2024 your breakthrough year! The Blueprint Builder Strategy Workbook is your journaling guide to crafting the life and impact you’ve been dreaming of!

Inside, you’ll find tools to visualize, strategize, and actualize your aspirations.

Your unique path, your dream clients, and your extraordinary lifestyle are waiting for you!

What You’ll Get:

The Ultimate Strategy Workbook and Planner

Angela Tompkins

Your dedicated Business Strategist and Coach, Ads Manager, and Host of The Daily Income Summit! My passion is empowering passionate entrepreneurs like you to scale your serviced-based business rapidly, with a sense of clarity and grace.

I specialize in infusing structure and simplicity into your entrepreneurial journey, and developing automated systems to streamline income and client flow. This ensures you achieve the impact and freedom you desire, without the overwhelm.

In addition to working with scaling entrepreneurs, I lead a corporate consulting firm focusing on fostering growth, leadership, and team development and well-being.

I’d been on the hunt for the right resources for a long time before I found Angela. I had so many challenges with finding clarity and creating actionable steps for my business that didn’t bog me down. From our first session together, I knew that Angela could help me; and that, she did. Her tools and guidance equipped and empowered me to move my business forward in a way that really works. Since working with her, I formed and acted on a structured plan that we designed together to make my business operations in particular more efficient. This work has led to me being able to reclaim precious free time with my pup, and a few extra vacations this past year! If you’re considering it, I’d DEFINITELY recommend working with her. Thank you, Angela.

Treasure Chest for Business & Blogging


It is time to start building your own business and blogging treasure with a selection of 8 products

The Treasure Chest can help eliminate Google searches resulting in more headaches, keeping track of all things when it comes to blogging, leveling up your SEO game, and acing your email marketing strategy. The Treasure Chest for Blogging and Business has products to help with this and so much more.
What You’ll Get:

Kickstart Your Email List

Winning The SEO Game Checklist

Boost Website Traffic Checklist

Bundle Contributor Checklist

And many more…

Cousett Hoover

Techie Mamma provides coaching, training, templates & support to help Mompreneurs build and grow their business and live the lifestyle they want. Cousett is known as Techie Mamma. She is the mom of two boys and loves all things technology.

Cousett’s expertise and accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. She has been invited to speak at various summits and WordCamps, including the Blogger Breakthrough Summit, Future of Blogging Summit, and the Influencer Entrepreneur Academy. Her insights and expertise have also been featured on podcasts such as the Empowered Woman Podcast, where she shares her knowledge and experiences with a wider audience.

The value of Cousett’s services cannot be overstated- her experience and expertise have exceeded my expectations and improved my business at every turn. Highly recommend!

Cousett was so fantastic to work with! She was incredibly responsive, thorough, and even made me a simple tutorial video so I could see things for myself. I would definitely recommend Cousett to anyone who needs support with any/all things WordPress!

Interact Online Quiz Maker – Lite Monthly Subscription


Create interactive quizzes that generate leads & sell products

Most lead magnets are bland. And less than engaging. But quizzes are both fun and interactive.

Harness the power of quizzes to grow your email list, segment your leads, and recommend products to increase sales.

What You’ll Get:

Monthly Subscription To Interact Lite Plan

Jackie Aguglia - Growth Manager At Interact

Growth manager at Interact, Jackie works on all parts of the business from developing partnerships to creating video content, working with influencers and so much more. She has seen it all when it comes to what makes quizzes work and is ready to share that with you!

Interact has come on leaps and bounds over the last couple of years.

The ability to segment, the developing integrations, and the ease of building professional-level quizzes are phenomenal.

A special shout out to Josh and Jackie for being so good to work with. They are there all to help, whoever you talk to.

Plus they have a new community – “The Quiz Collective” – with tons of people all helping each other. You’ll never be alonely quizzer ever again!


10 Steps to 1000 Subscribers

An Online Course To Help You Grow A Profitable List Of Loyal Subscribers That Love What You Do And Resonate With Your Business.

The Story Tonic 10 Steps to 1000 Subscribers course makes it easier and way more fun to uplevel your business by giving you support and motivation to keep going.

What You’ll Get:
10 Steps to 1000 Subscribers course

Nathalie Pincham

Nathalie Pincham is a success coach for visionary entrepreneurs, helping them break free from the 9-5 and build profitable online businesses that make a difference.

She is also a podcast host of the Your Success Tonic podcast which explores how to build businesses and meaningful success from their deepest purpose. Her coaching programs and workshops help experts make money from their message so they can help more people and have more fun along the way!

Working with Nathalie is breath of fresh air. She’s whip smart, deeply compassionate and delivers amazing strategy and insight. Working with her has had a major positive impact on me and my business. I can’t recommend Nathalie enough.”

Matt P

Post-Freebie Welcome Sequence That Sells

Transform those opt-ins into a revenue-generating, relationship-building powerhouse.

They Opted-in.. Now What?

Thesse email sequence templates will help you nuture your leads, build a relationship with them and convert them into paid clients or customers.

What You’ll Get:
Post-Freebie Welcome Sequence That Sells Swipe File

Mona Leboudy

Mona is a multi-certified Alignment and Mindset coach. Her mission is to help you break free from the barriers you’ve unknowingly built and empower you to take action that aligns with your purpose.

Having a deep understanding of the unique challenges women face, she’s founded The Action Alchemy Coaching. She’s dedicated to helping you outplay overwhelm and burnout, and master harmony and success.

Mona is a total game-changer! I’d been procrastinating on my piñata shop dream for years until she swooped in. Her support, guidance, and that extra dose of motivation didn’t just give me the push I needed; she practically helped me launch my piñata business into the stratosphere! – it’s like having a cheerleader on speed dial.

Gabriella S.

Mona is like a shining beacon of wisdom and strategy. She helped me uncover the roots of my resistance to get my business up and running despite working on it for a couple of years. It’s mind blowing how she did it in the first session. Thank you!

Scarlet H.

Master Your Mindset


You have complete control over the #1 key to success: mindset. You can do everything by the book, follow what your mentors and coaches say, and implement flawlessly, but if your mindset is off, it will affect everything.

We believe mindset is easily 50% of the success equation. Our clients feel the fog lift when they go through this mindset module. They see things in a new light. It gives them a change in perspective that sparks a new way of thinking.

If you’re tired of mind-drama and stinkin’ thinkin’, this is for you.

What You’ll Get:

Airtable template

Video training on what Airtable is and how to use it

Video training on how to use your new task-tracking system

Carmen Reed-Gilkison and Deirdre Harter

With over 45 years of combined corporate experience, founders of Encore Empire, Carmen Reed-Gilkison and Deirdre Harter, work with women who are ready to own the power they’ve spent decades building by guiding them through the process of mastering their big ideas, wrangling their doubts, and taking action with smart, actionable strategy.

They’re a duo of a CPA and a Certified Online Business Manager & Whole Person Certified Coach, each with their own entrepreneurial background, who have teamed up to help other women in their age bracket cash in on their life experience.

Carmen and Deirdre are committed to honoring the perspective and insight women over forty bring to the table because real magic happens when we devote our time and energy not to taking care of everyone else—but to finally realize our own goals and ambitions.

She believe everything can be simpler and easier and tinier so that we can all live bigger, better lives.

I’ve had a lot of marketing, training, and a lot of sales training. Some of it has been quite good. Most of it has not been. It’s either been mediocre to bad and it wasn’t working. So, we came to Deidre and Carmen and needed something fast to bring in funds.

It’s worked, and it continues to work, and by the end of December, we were landing new clients. By the end of January, we were really landing new clients and having great sales conversations in ways that I didn’t know how to have before.

I can really attribute everything that we’ve learned and our new initiatives to Deidre and Carmen. It’s been the most worthwhile, endeavor I’ve done in years and years and years.

~ Judy Raven, Accents International

How To Turn Your Podcast Into A High Ticket Client Acquisition System

A Definitive Guide On How To Consistently Enroll 2-4 High-Ticket Clients Every Month From Your Podcast Without Playing The Audience Game
In this guide, you will learn the keys to not playing the audience or download game while also CONSISTENTLY getting yourself 2 to 4 new high-ticket clients for your high-end coaching, consulting, or done-for-you service/program with your podcast.

You will learn the ENTIRE podcasting strategy that got me a $7.2k book publishing client in just two weeks of starting my 4th podcast, making me $25k in two months and $65k+ in the first six months for my then new book publishing agency.

What You’ll Get:

The Step by Step process you can implement immediately to start getting 3 to 4 high-ticket clients every month from your podcast without increasing your podcast downloads, audience or subscribers.

Learn one thing you should focus on to turn your podcast into a high-ticket clients acquisition machine. HINT: Many business podcasters have got all wrong for years.
Why your podcast is the best tool to consistently bring in new high-ticket clients into your business every month.
Get the keys to not playing the audience or download game while also CONSISTENTLY getting yourself 2 to 4 new high-ticket clients for your high-end coaching, consulting, or done-for-you service/program with your podcast.

Mayowa Ajisafe

Mayowa Ajisafe is a bestselling author,  author, self publishing and book coach and have helped more than 1200 amazing people birth their book to life since leaving the 9-5 life in 2012.

A podcast veteran and Host of The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast. He is the head cheerleader of The Book Cot where he loves working with busy CEOs, coaches, consultants, and professionals to write, publish and launch a book that amplifies their reach, builds their credibility, and grows their business!

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