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10 Steps to 1000 Subscribers

An Online Course To Help You Grow A Profitable List Of Loyal Subscribers That Love What You Do And Resonate With Your Business.
The Story Tonic 10 Steps to 1000 Subscribers course makes it easier and way more fun to uplevel your business by giving you support and motivation to keep going.
What You’ll Get:
10 Steps to 1000 Subscribers course

Nathalie Pincham

Nathalie Pincham is a success coach for visionary entrepreneurs, helping them break free from the 9-5 and build profitable online businesses that make a difference.

She is also a podcast host of the Your Success Tonic podcast which explores how to build businesses and meaningful success from their deepest purpose. Her coaching programs and workshops help experts make money from their message so they can help more people and have more fun along the way!

Working with Nathalie is breath of fresh air. She’s whip smart, deeply compassionate and delivers amazing strategy and insight. Working with her has had a major positive impact on me and my business. I can’t recommend Nathalie enough.”

Matt P

Other People’s Audience List Building Explosion System – Email Course

How To Consistently Get 400 – 1000+ Qualified, Quality and Targeted Subscribers Without Paid, Posting On Social Media Or Writing Contents, Using Other People’s Audience

How about a system you can repeat every 30 days that will flood your list with the right people you want to have on your email list who are also keenly interested in what you have to sell?

And you don’t have to pay for ads, churn out content after content, or post endlessly on social media like a maniac.

And what about getting paid for this?

This is the same system I have used to host three paid bundles that have brought me on-demand leads and subscribers since I started Skill Bundles in 2023.

The beauty of this system is that you are leveraging on the audience other experts in your niche have built to build yours, and you can even replicate this system with results starting with zero audience.

OPA List Building Explosion System is the easy-to-repeat and replicate framework for coaches, consultants, course creators, and authors who want a way to get paid to leverage other people’s audiences.

What You’ll Get:
OPA List Building Explosion System Email Course

Mayowa Ajisafe

Mayowa Ajisafe is a bestselling author,  author, self publishing and book coach and have helped more than 1200 amazing people birth their book to life since leaving the 9-5 life in 2012.

A podcast veteran and Host of The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast. He is the head cheerleader of The Book Cot where he loves working with busy CEOs, coaches, consultants, and professionals to write, publish and launch a book that amplifies their reach, builds their credibility, and grows their business!

I was initially skeptical of trying the OPA List Building Explosion System but having seen what result I could get trying that, I got to work to host my first paid bundle and I was amazed when I had 8 experts agreeing to be a part of my bundle in the first week of sending out my outreach email I got from Mayowa.

I am sold on using other people’s audience and I am grateful my path crosses that of Mayowa.

Idris A.

The Funnel & Ads Calculator Bundle


Get the funnel + ad spend calculators and predict exactly when your ads
will be profitable!

Ready for complete clarity around your Facebook Ads budget and how well your funnels will actually convert?

These calculators will help you predict exactly how many sales you’ll get based on your ad spend and cost per lead.

What You’ll Get:
Calculators for:
– live launches,
– evergreen webinars,
– evergreen funnels
– … and SLO funnels!

Amber Rose Thomas

Amber Rose is an online business strategist and mentor for coaches, course creators and online experts who want to grow their business and make sales on autopilot with the power of funnels and paid ads. She’s the founder of the paid ads boutique ‘Launch with Amber’ and lives in Cardiff, UK.
I’ve never had so many sales on launch day before! Amber made launching exciting again!


I’m so glad we took the leap. We’re now making $20k a month from this funnel that didn’t even exist three months ago!

The Sold Out On Stories Challenge

Discover the proven Instagram Strategy, pre-made sequences and sales psychology you need to sell out your offers using Instagram stories
A Self-Paced 5-Day Instagram Stories Challenge to Sell Your Offers Powerfully.

Discover the proven sequences and sales psychology you need to sell out your offers utilising your IG stories.

You get Bite Sized trainings, daily workbooks, sample sequences and much more.

What You’ll Get:
Bite-Sized Video Training on Optimising Instagram Profile to Attract Your Dream Tribe
Bite-Sized Video Training on Creating a Killer IG Bio to Convert Visitors into Followers.
Bite-Sized Video Training How to Harness the Power of IG Highlights for Sales.
Instagram Story Strategy Training
5 Strategic Sales sequences with a Video explanation and sample Stories Guide to know exactly how you can create stories.
BONUS: 10 Pre-Made IG Story Sequences

Asmita Jason

Asmita is Business Growth Coach who RE-BUILT her entire business from ZERO in just 365 days whilst being pregnant, whilst having a toddler to care for.

She isn’t just the coach who claims to be an expert, but the Coach who has actually put in the effort to be an expert. She has invested over $11000 in certifications, 300+ client hours, and 500+ study hours on getting trained to be the best in her niche.

You are amazing at teaching o did have my doubts at first because I have been in so many classes over the years with marketing, emails, etc, but you are clear and give good feedback.

Angela P.

I had my consecutive 3 £5K months after a long break. You were so helpful in your strategies and constant support.


Your simple step-by-step strategies and approach always work.


The Limitless Launch Plan

Get access to a complete step-by-step, plug-and-play project plan for wildly successful launches that result in cash infusions + clients!
Plug-and-play launch project plan templates (Clickup or Asana) plus bonus swipe files & templates for your next wildly successful, money-in-the-bank online launch!

Unlock VIP access to your master launch project plan that can be plugged into your project management tool so you can overcome launch overwhelm and get that amazing offer out to the world!

What You’ll Get:

Your Fool-Proof Launch Plan – Alyssa’s proprietary five-phase launch framework – built into a plug-and-play, turn-key master project plan that will serve as your HOLY-GRAIL launch playbook.

Video Tutorials – By the end of these trainings, you’ll know how to not only get your plan loaded in but how to map out your launch and task/delegate the plan #likeaboss

Master Launch Maps – These master launch maps will guide you through proven launch strategies that work best for your specific offer.

Alyssa Gutierrez

Alyssa is a highly sought-after launch strategist for premier business owners and coaches, and a fractional head of operations for multi-seven-figure online businesses.

Her expertise in marrying personal development with business strategy has not only catalyzed her own ventures but has also propelled countless online businesses to new heights, making her an indispensable figure in the digital business realm.

I’m so glad I decided to work with Alyssa which was exactly what I needed to get clarity within my digital course business.

She is the launch queen, but even beyond that, she helped me so much with mapping out my product suite (which was my #1 priority). I went on to have a $100k launch right after!

6 Figure Offer Bootcamp

Create Your 6 Figure Killer Offer that You are Known For + sell it with ease!
In this course, Tay breaks down the step by step guide to creating 6-figure offer, the mindset around offers, pricing, & framework, solidifying your signature method, determining your niche, selling your 6-figure offer, & building your dream life!

+ you get to join the community Slack Channel & get LIVE access to me teaching this each year!

What You’ll Get:
14+ Lesson Course
Live Coaching Each Year
Master Your Messaging Masterclass Replay
$6k in 6 Days Mini Course Included!

Tay Daniels

Tay went from leaving her 9-5 in 2016 with less than $100 to her name at 7 months pregnant with no clients and no experience, to leaving an abusive marriage while still barely making enough in 2018, to now having a fully-booked Virtual Assistant/OBM Agency and multi 6-Figure Coaching Business.

When I say there is no better community or program than Tay’s, I mean it. We help each other out, support each other through hard times and show up for each other! The referrals are phenomenal, you really can’t beat this community ever.

Tay’s coaching is fire, I have never ever seen a coach show up, support and truly care for her students more than Tay does. What she says is true, she shows up like she teaches, she has walked the walk and never lies to you to make you feel better.

And to top it all off I made 50K last year working 5-10 hours a week, this year I plan to do the same if not more and I had a freaking baby in the middle of the year. She truly helps you understand your offer, and how to show up for your own people and I could not love her and this community more!

Courtney Boomer

The Organic Launch Guide: Using Email and Social Media to Make a Splash with Your Audience

Launching to crickets or a lack of fanfare is no fun. Prevent this from happening with The Organic Launch Guide.
Got a launch coming up? Whether it’s your website, a new brand, or a product or service, you want to make sure everyone knows about it, right? There’s no point in launching something new if you keep it to yourself!

The Organic Launch Guide helps you plot out how and when you’ll send emails to your list and post on Instagram to ensure a successful launch — without relying on ads.

Launching to crickets or a lack of fanfare is no fun. But with this guide, you can generate just the right amount of enthusiasm to make sure you maximize this opportunity to engage with your audience and share your expertise.

What You’ll Get:
Suggested Launch Calendar
Metrics Tracking Chart
Email Sequence Suggested Copy
Social Media Post Captions
24 Instagram Canva Templates
Optional Promo Activities

Jess Coleman

Jess Coleman is the founder and creative director of Huckleberry Creative.

An experienced creative, writer, and marketer who helps busy entrepreneurs grow their brands by attracting the right customers with an authentic brand paired with a polished online presence.

She has spent nearly a decade on corporate marketing teams, writing about and promoting services across a wide variety of industries.

That how she developed the know-how to bring you the strategic insights you need and the hands-on experience it takes to deliver high-quality work that doesn’t require a million edits.

I had resigned myself to this process being super stressful, and instead, it was the most easeful thing ever. What made it so easy was that Jess just got it. She just nailed it so that I barely had to provide feedback.

Sari De, Founder, Nine of Us

“I don’t really like it at all, I freaking LOVE IT. I have no idea how you did that but it’s genius. Seriously. You knocked it out of the park. What could I possibly add to this genius? Absolutely nothing. Bravo madam.

Shelley Schaffer, Photographer

Money Making Masterclasses Mini-Course

Create and deliver live masterclass that help you sell your offers and programs like hot cakes.
Learn how to create and deliver live masterclasses that convert 2-3x above the industry average rate, so you can sell out your offers much easier, to the most engaged and aligned audience ever!
What You’ll Get:
7 pre-recorded lessons
Copy guidelines to set up your promotional material for the event
One lesson where Ziza walk you through my step-by-step process and create a masterclass with you, from scratch.
Examples and tutorials
Wouldn’t it be nice to host live masterclasses to the most engaged audience buys before you even finish the training (happened when I hosted my last masterclass)?

Ziza Natur

Ziza is a Public speaking coach, Personal brand & PR Consultant, and multi-award-winning musician, speaker, performer and author with 24 years of stage experience as a speaker, performer, musician, host and group facilitator, and 8 years in online and offline marketing.

She works with online coaches, consultants and service providers to reach tens of thousands of new eyes with summits, podcasts and virtual speaking opportunities, and craft signature talks, speeches and masterclasses that net 4 or 5-figures in cash sales, and project Beyoncé-on-worldwide-tour energy on any kind of stage, from summits, conferences and masterclasses, to podcasts, videos and interviews, both live and virtual.

Having Ziza as my mentor and coach has been an incredible experience. She is encouraging, kind, fun, and knows her stuff. I went from having zero visibility strategy and being afraid to speak on video to people consistently signing up for my services because they’ve watched me go live, read my posts and saw me show up. Recently, I had someone invite me to their podcast because they watched my interview on Ziza’s programme and loved it.

Every time I work with Ziza, I gain a massive return on investment so I highly recommend her programmes. You will learn so much and achieve things you never thought were possible. There are always fun surprises and never a dull moment. Thanks Ziza for your encouragement and support!

Alison Yuen, Digital Marketing Consultant

The Ultimate Launch Planner

Your go-to planner to have a profitable launch

The Ultimate Launch Planner will become your go-to planner that you can tweak and evolve every single launch. With over 70 pages of prompts, checklists, planners, and guidance, you’ll be able to map out every single part of your launch and refer to it time and time again.

What You’ll Get:
Pre-launch content
Your launch activity plan
An emergency plan for if things go wrong
A calendar to map out all your important dates
And so much more!

Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

Katherine Mackenzie-Smith is an award-winning business coach and strategist for service-based solopreneurs, an Energy + Soul Practitioner, and host of the Emerge + Expand podcast. Through her 1:1 mentoring, group programs, and business memberships, Katherine supports gentle leaders and soloprenuers to create successful, sustainable cozy businesses through their own innate energy and strengths, without the empire-building pressure.

Katherine recently won International Coach of the Year 2023, is nominated for the 2024 International Coach, Business Coach, and Asia Pacific Coach of the Decade and has been named a ‘self help guru’ by Elle Magazine, as well as being featured in a number of publications, podcasts, and websites including Cleo Magazine, Collective Hub, Inspired Coach, and The Introvert Entrepreneur.

I just want to say a massive thank you. I’m so impressed by all that you share and that makes me actually do the work.

Katherine, I am truly inspired by the way you run your business, it feels relatable and when I read the sales page, I felt really understood.

I can’t imagine my launch without this.

Online Courses Made Easy


Are you thinking of creating an online course? Here is the solution.

The “Online Courses Made Easy” masterclass includes 8 informative video tutorials that cover various aspects of creating and sharing online courses easily, without complex software or funnels.

The tutorials are sequentially organised, guiding viewers through topics such as course creation, screen recording tools, recording in Canva or PowerPoint, uploading videos, creating Canva documents, and sharing course links.

Whether you’re new to online course creation or looking to try a new process, this masterclass provides valuable insights and practical tips to streamline the process of developing online courses.

What You’ll Get:
Online Courses Made Easy
Wouldn’t it be nice to host live masterclasses to the most engaged audience buys before you even finish the training (happened when I hosted my last masterclass)?

Naomi Johnson

Naomi is a digital designer and course creator, helping solo business owners discover ways to add extra income streams by creating digital products and leveraging the power of print-on-demand. Her special expertise is designing & publishing low-content books like journals & planners and creating designs for merchandise.
I just wanted to drop you a line to say I really value your time and knowledge with POD and although I’ve not taken action with what I’ve learnt from you, I think you’re bloody brilliant!

Step By Step To Selling From Your Email List


Turn Your List Build Efforts Into Pure Profit With This Step By Step Training

List builds are worth more than just growing your email list. If done right, they lead to sales not just during the list build itself… but for months and years down the road.

Whether you’re doing a summit, a challenge, or a workshop series… you can not only get some quick wins from your list build… but you can create long-term growth, too.

What You’ll Get:
Step By Step To Selling From Your Email List Training
Access The Best FREE Training to Get You Selling From Your Email List Now

Jennie Wright

Jennie Wright is an expert in email list growth and lead generation with over a decade of experience helping business owners achieve their marketing goals. She is the creator of The List Injection Method™, a system that uses inbound attraction and permission marketing to help clients and audiences generate leads.

With a track record of building over 375+ list builds, Jennie has a deep understanding of the essential steps to creating events that not only attract ready buyers, but also build trust and engagement with audiences.

Jennie’s mission is to empower business owners with intelligent and authentic marketing, lead generation, and business growth strategies that drive bottom-line results. She is a sought-after speaker and consultant who inspires audiences with her expertise, passion, and practical advice.

Discovering this training on selling from my email list was a game-changer!

The step-by-step guidance turned my list-building efforts into a profit powerhouse. Not only did I see immediate results, but the long-term growth prospects are truly exciting. Whether you’re hosting a summit, challenge, or workshop series, this training provides actionable strategies for success. Trust me, it’s a must for anyone serious about maximizing sales from their email list!

Anne S.

Pinterest Content Calendar – Notion Template


Turn Your List Build Efforts Into Pure Profit With This Step By Step Training

Plan and organize your Pinterest content in advance, to ensure that you are consistently posting high-quality content that aligns with your business goals.
What You’ll Get:
Pinterest Content Calendar – Notion Template

Katerina G. Atanasov

Katerina G. Atanasov is a Pinterest manager & strategist for female online service providers, coaches, and creatives.

She is the founder of The Pin Media.

I can’t recommend working with Kate enough!

Before working with her, my Pinterest profile was chaotic, unorganized, and frankly did not lead to any conversions in my business. To say it was on the backburner is an understatement. Kate gave me a clear, actionable, and manageable plan to start using Pinterest in a way that actually benefitted both my business and my audience, without burning me out.

Thank you Kate!

Corrie Legge

7 Ways to Make $7k in 7 Day Workbook

Unlock the Secrets to Making 7k in 7 Days!

Are you ready to skyrocket your income and achieve financial abundance? Look no further! Introducing the 7️⃣ Ways to Make 7️⃣K in 7️⃣ Days Workbook, your ultimate guide to fast-tracking your financial success. 📈💥

Inside this power-packed workbook, you’ll discover proven strategies and actionable tips to help you generate $7,000 in just one week. From leveraging your skills to maximizing your digital presence, this workbook provides the roadmap to financial freedom. 💡💪

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this workbook is your ticket to unlocking the income potential you’ve always dreamed of. Start implementing these strategies today and watch the money flow into your bank account. 💸🚀

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your financial situation. Get your hands on the 7️⃣ Ways to Make 7️⃣K in 7️⃣ Days Workbook now! Checkout to secure your copy. 📚🔗

What You’ll Get:

7️⃣ Ways to Make 7️⃣K in 7️⃣ Days Workbook, your ultimate guide to fast-tracking your financial success

BONUS: 7 Day Challenge with Health, Wealth and Business and Tool Kit!

Start implementing these strategies today and watch the money flow into your bank account.

Katrina Julia

Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, Athlete, Speaker, Creator CEO of CREATEIT helping Creator CEOS who crave creating, community and cash to #CREATEIT Like a Boss with Freedom

MBA, CPA, have worked in 7+ industries in strategy, finance, marketing, and operations with 7,000+ Creators and Brands including Google, Victoria’s Secret, NBC.

Project Mgmt Rockstar and Results Generator with repeat 6-8 figure brand results and up to 3000%+ ROI.

In todays online digital world, one of best courses that could be indispensable to you. Just a word of advice: follow the directions and keep at it. We are a family of globe trotters and have been in lots of online experiences and countries and still found value in this.

– GeoBeetles.com

This is such an amazing product! We started our iG @jumpintothemap at the beginning of the year and wish we had this back then. This fantastic online experience holds questions we have been wondering for months. We 100% recommend buying – it is worth every penny!

Instagram Story Vault

The Instagram Story Vault is your ticket to confident Storytelling, increased sales, and higher viewership.
Your ultimate guide to unlocking the power of Instagram Stories. Gain confidence, boost your sales, and watch your viewership soar like never before!
What You’ll Get:
90 Day Content Calendar
Content Creation Process
Understanding Insights
Top IG Story Apps

Attaliah Strubel

Attaliah Strubel is your go-to guru for short-form video, passive income and content monetization!

She’s not your average business coach, blogger, and podcaster – she’s a multi-passionate powerhouse on a mission to help women build thriving online businesses without being chained to their phones.

Attaliah has transformed countless women’s content into sustainable online ventures that work while they sleep. Don’t underestimate the magic of content marketing!

Also got another email subscriber today after posting on my story.

News… I had 2 people DM me interest for my waitlist from my story yesterday… I think that’s an exciting win!

Cash Flow Toolkit

The #1 business killer? Cash flow – or lack thereof. Our Cash Flow Toolkit gives you everything you need to master the cash in your business so that your bank account is never in the red.
What You’ll Get:
3-Month Cash Flow Tracker
Mastering Your Cash Flow Video
Easy Steps to Improving Your Cash Flow Guide

Meg Wheeler

Meg is the Founder of The Equitable Money Project, which offers financial education through its free Biz Money Library, CFO support through The Equitable Money Club, and done-for-you tax preparation, bookkeeping and CFO services to primarily marginalized business owners. She is a licensed CPA and financial literacy educator with a focus on helping online educators, service providers and small business owners set up, manage and master the financial aspects of their businesses.

She is the host of The Disrupt Your Money Podcast and a former Democratic Candidate for the Massachusetts State Senate.

Meg has this way of breaking down the numbers so they don’t feel overwhelming. I love how easy she makes it seem, and I feel so much more confident in my business now. Ashley, Business Coach

Not only was Meg super helpful with suggesting various resources for me to use, but she was so excited about my idea! Her energy was infectious.

Blog Builder’s Success Bundle

Build or rebuild your blog wiith this set of pratical tools.
Less than 10% of blogs succeed. But yours can!

This toolkit is for writers who are starting a blog, restarting a lapsed one, or simply want to manage their blogs more efficiently.

It’s packed with a dozen checklists, worksheets, and videos that help your blog succeed – in total a $69 value. You’ll find tools to position your blog in the marketplace, write better blog posts faster, and plan your blog’s success.

The tools are easy to use. The downloadables are fillable, printable, and reusable.

Be one of the bloggers who succeeds with the Blog Builder’s Success Bundle.

What You’ll Get:
Your Content Calendar Template
Your Blog Post Worksheet
Your Content Strategy Guide
Your Main Idea Generator
Your Blog Post Worksheet
Your Personal Tagline Generator
And six other tools
A Mini-Course That Walks You Through The In’s And Out’s Of Digital Product Creation From Finding Your Profitable Idea To Creating The Product To Sell.

Kathy Widenhouse

Award-winning writer Kathy Widenhouse has written 9 books and garnered 600K+ views for her writing tutorials, which you can get at http://www.nonprofitcopywriter.com.
With a first reading and study of Kathy’s content, I am already saving time and improving my posts.

So grateful for this purchase!”

Ready.Set.Launch. Pre-launch Checklists

Unlock Success with Pre-Launch Checklists

Ready.Set.Launch checklists will keep you on track when launching sales initiatives such as Affiliate Marketing, Challenges, Email Lists, Group Coaching Programs, Online Courses, Paid Newsletters, Membership Programs, and Webinar Series.

What You’ll Get:
Unlock Success with Pre-Launch Checklists
Don’t let uncertainty, stress, or missed opportunities hold you back. Get your hands on Ready. Set. Launch today and unlock the potential of your online initiatives

Rosemary Morretta

Rosemary Morretta, a 30-year marketing veteran and self-care advocate is the driving force behind TeamSelfCare. Our mission is to provide evidence-based personal development and self-care guidance conveniently accessible in one place.

A well-executed launch is essential for maximizing ROI, and these checklists are your shortcut to a more profitable launch. Highly recommend!

Pam T.

Working with Rosemary on self-care strategies has been transformative for my business success. Her guidance has helped me prioritize my well-being while achieving greater productivity and results.

Aleandra P.

Quiz & Grow Rich ChatGPT Prompts Bundle

Use ChatGPT to Create Your Very Own High-Converting Quiz Lead Magnet
Creating the content for your quiz is about to get a whole lot easier!

Get 30+ Chat GPT prompts for Creating the Content for your Entire Quiz Funnel in just 2 Hours

What You’ll Get:
30+ AI Prompts
The Live Masterclass Replay
The Quiz & Grow Rich Toolkit
One Quiz. 4 Months. 9,000 Leads…

Tai Goodwin

Tai Goodwin, is an author, speaker, and “vision midwife” who stands at the forefront of empowering women to shatter their limits and seize visibility, creating waves of impact and freedom.

At the heart of her mission is The Liberated CEO Mastermind, a beacon for those daring to dream big and eager for strategic and intuitive guidance to bring those dreams to life.

Just want to give a huge shoutout and thanks to Tai for all the amazing insights on quizzes! I used her tips and recommendations and launched my 7 Energies Assessment a couple weeks ago. I’ve had hundreds of new opt-ins to my email list and it’s an awesome new way to get prospect and close speaking gigs.

After more than 15 years as a business owner, I’ve never had anything get results like this. Absolutely amazed!

Kristen Brown

Get Creative Make Bank

Turn Your Ideas, Passionsand Skills into Digital Products that Sell
Have you ever thought about…

Turning your artwork into physical products…

Selling coloring books…

Building courses and membership sites…

​Then welcome to the world of digital products.

Digital products can be a game changer once you know what you want to create!

Amy will show you how to map out a plan of action and get you selling – faster with the Get Creative Make Bank Training

What You’ll Get:

The Digital Product Workbook: Map out your first or next digital product with ease!

BONUS: 7 Day Challenge with Health, Wealth and Business and Tool Kit!

A Mini-Course That Walks You Through The In’s And Out’s Of Digital Product Creation From Finding Your Profitable Idea To Creating The Product To Sell.

Amy Jo

Amy works with new and established business owners helping them put their knowledge into digital products that sell on autopilot. She specializes in web design, funnel design and digital product creation.

She’s a recipient of the POP Scholarship Award from the National Association of Women Business Owners KC and has been corporately recognized for record-breaking sales.

In 2018, she was a catalyst in the expansion of a local non-profit and was able to double the clientele in as little as 18 months. Her digital marketing strategies have been regionally recognized and have been utilized by numerous companies worldwide.

Amy Jo is truly a Magic Maker! I’m so grateful to have come in contact with Amy Jo’s incredible efficiency, speed and high quality of work. She is able to see a project through to completion in what seems like record speed – she does so with excitement, enthusiasm and is so easy to work with on projects that can seem daunting for an entrepreneur. I know I will come back to her care again and again after working with her to build my e-book, website, course and free offerings for my business! Thank you Amy Jo!”

Amy is professional and knowledgeable – she certainly knows her stuff and is a great asset to anyone who engages with her services. But, more than her intelligence and expertise, Amy is a delight to work with – always positive, engaging and fun! Definitely worth the investment, times 10!”

60-Minute Copy

Simple, Yet Highly-Effective Copywriting Techniques That Work

This training is the ‘shortcut’ to improve your copywriting skill faster than you ever thought about.

It’s specifically designed for business owners like you who want to write your own copy and don’t want to go through 20 hours of lessons to get started. This is not about running a copywriting business and writing for clients. This is purely about writing better copy.
60-Minute Copy

Will this make you the next Gary Halbert or Dan Kennedy? Not likely. However it will help you get going, if you’ve never written copy, or improve, if you have a little experience with it. You can always take more advanced training later. First you have to get started!

What You’ll Get:
4 videos, 60 Minutes Copy

Chris Lockwood

Chris Lockwood is a 20+ year online marketer. He creates products including ebooks, courses, memberships, as well as physical products. His experience includes affiliate marketing, e-commerce, blogging, freelancing, and other business models.

Coaches Offer Bundle

You can start offering your coaching services and programs without hiring a website designer, a graphic designer or a copywriter
A Bundle for Coaches & Course Creators Who need VISIBILITY & SALES.

The Coaches Bundle gives you a professional website with a matching brand board and 5 email sequences to get clients quickly without costing you an arm and a leg.

What You’ll Get:
A matching BRAND BOARD
A step-by-step video instruction

Vanessa Choi

Want to turn your coaching or course idea into a thriving online business? Vanessa, your marketing strategist and funnel creator, is your go-to girl.

With more than 18 years of marketing experience. Vanessa has helped many coaches and course creators (just like you!) launch and scale their businesses using marketing strategies, system automation and funnel creation.

Vanessa’s “no-fluff” approach is all about authenticity, practicality, and actionable steps that lead to tangible results. She is here to guide you every step of the way!

Process Development Bundle

Get Guided Help On Your Operational Processes
Everything starts with a Process! Use our guided workbooks and Documentation challenge to help you create an effective delegation process, set goals, streamline customer journeys, and develop efficient Operational Processes as a whole.
What You’ll Get:
Process Development Bundle

Adriana Richardson

Adriana is the owner of The Lazy Millennial, a Business Consulting and Award-Winning Technical Writing Company specializing in empowering leaders to scale their businesses through strategic team building or licensing frameworks.

I love your energy and communication style

“Love this! This is also why I do what I do to help business owners and organizations in the area of workplace culture. You are in many ways ahead of the game.”

“Your delegation workbook… Wow! That is all. That is the post”

The 30-Day Get It Done Challenge

It’s time you stop trading your time for money and enjoy how TARGETED & CONSISTENT ACTION can change your life!

Stop procrastinating and learn how to get more done in 30 days than what you usually do in 3 months with the 30-Day Get It Done.

You’ll get a daily roadmap of actions to start taking action on your business.

What You’ll Get:

Day 1 – 7: Setting Your Goals & Define Your Action Plan

Day 8 – 14: Find Time & Start Moving Forward

Day 15 – 21: Awareness & Consistency

Day 22 – 30: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Ysaline Rozier

Ysaline Rozier is a French former corporate project manager who has transitioned into a time management and sales coach.

She is a recovered hustler and perfectionist, who now helps new coaches turn their new online coaching business into a 5-figure success on a part-time schedule.

As a mother of a toddler, she firmly believes that women can achieve both financial wealth and time freedom; that’s why she created the 25-Hour Profitable Business Program, a unique experience where women can learn how to sell and get clients within limited hours.

Product Creation Bundle


In the world of product development, organization is crucial. Our Product Creation Planner, with its bonus Google template, streamlines your journey from idea to launch. Stay organized, track every step, collaborate effortlessly, save time, and increase your chances of a successful product launch.

Get started today and transform your product development process!

What You’ll Get:

Product Creation Bundle

Jackie Ruggiero

Jackie is a full-on mom boss, working full-time in construction as a controller all while running her stores on the side.

Through her website, Jackie helps busy moms with convenient tips and tricks to get more organized and have more free time with more convenient options.

Fear of Success Journal and Success Mindset Affirmation Cards

31 Day Journal + 60 Success Mindset Affirmations
Are you tired of holding yourself back from achieving your dreams? Break free from the shackles of fear and unlock your true potential with this transformative 63-page journal.

Empowering quotes and reflective prompts to fuel your motivation. Perfect for anyone seeking to break free from fear and reach new heights of achievement. Plus, maintain that success mindset with the included 60 Success Mindset Affirmation card deck

What You’ll Get:
63 pages, printable journal
8.5 x 11 size in both Canva and PDF files
Commercial Use Rights Included

Linda Faulk

Linda started selling educational materials online in 2016. She found her passion in creating content, graphics and printables. She now sells journals, planners, teachers courses on repurposing and her latest obsession: AI

How To Turn Your Podcast Into A High Ticket Client Acquisition System

A Definitive Guide On How To Consistently Enroll 2-4 High-Ticket Clients Every Month From Your Podcast Without Playing The Audience Game
In this guide, you will learn the keys to not playing the audience or download game while also CONSISTENTLY getting yourself 2 to 4 new high-ticket clients for your high-end coaching, consulting, or done-for-you service/program with your podcast.

You will learn the ENTIRE podcasting strategy that got me a $7.2k book publishing client in just two weeks of starting my 4th podcast, making me $25k in two months and $65k+ in the first six months for my then new book publishing agency.

What You’ll Get:

The Step by Step process you can implement immediately to start getting 3 to 4 high-ticket clients every month from your podcast without increasing your podcast downloads, audience or subscribers.

Learn one thing you should focus on to turn your podcast into a high-ticket clients acquisition machine. HINT: Many business podcasters have got all wrong for years.
Why your podcast is the best tool to consistently bring in new high-ticket clients into your business every month.
Get the keys to not playing the audience or download game while also CONSISTENTLY getting yourself 2 to 4 new high-ticket clients for your high-end coaching, consulting, or done-for-you service/program with your podcast.

Mayowa Ajisafe

Mayowa Ajisafe is a bestselling author,  author, self publishing and book coach and have helped more than 1200 amazing people birth their book to life since leaving the 9-5 life in 2012.

A podcast veteran and Host of The Six Figure Entrepreneur Podcast. He is the head cheerleader of The Book Cot where he loves working with busy CEOs, coaches, consultants, and professionals to write, publish and launch a book that amplifies their reach, builds their credibility, and grows their business!

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