The Buyer Finder Email

Get The 3-Sentence Email that finds the buyers on your list (even if it’s a list of “freebie seekers”)


…WITHOUT complicated launches, long sales letters, or nurture sequences!

What is the most profitable email for selling to your subscribers?

Is it a story?

A testimonial?

An objection handler?

None of those.

If you want to sell something to your email list…

You typically won’t just send just any email and expect them to buy what you have to sell.

You need a proven and tested email template to:

Weed out everyone who doesn’t need what you have to sell.
Find your buyers among your email subscribers.
Give them an offer they can’t refuse and have them raise up their hands, asking for what you sell.
Close the sale right away using email – no sales, no convincing and no gimmick..

So the most profitable emails for me have been the ones that start conversations with folks who are ready to buy.

I call these “The Buyers Finder Email“.

The good news is they are wayyy simpler to write than the long-form emails/posts you might think of.

I’ve used these The Buyers Finder Email to start conversations with leads who bought:

– $27 – $500 digital products
– $10,000 done for you services and 1:1 consulting

And the even better news is I’ve templatized  The Buyers Finder Email for you.

In fact, I’ve written a templated variation of my 6 figure Buyer Finder email you can plug-n-play into your business.

Just fill in the blanks for your specific business, send it out to your email list, and watch as the buyers in your email list will be virtually raising up their hands asking you to buy what you have to sell.

Over the past 3 years alone I’ve used this Buyer Finder email to close a lot of low ticket and high-ticket deals.

I’m gonna give you these templates to profit from for the rest of your life… in any business or niche.

So what am I gonna charge you for these Buyer Finder Email?

Well, I have made more than $30,000 with this emails in the last one year and you can make that and even more (depending on your niche and what you have to sell).

With this and how well I am sure this email works, I can charge you anywhere from $999 and even more to get hold of this emails.

Obviously I’m not gonna charge that cuz I didn’t tailor these templates to your specific business.

I’m not even gonna charge hundreds of dollars for it… even though I’ve got clients who made me 5-6 figures from just these emails.

I’m gonna make this a ho lot less than you’d think. Because I have a not-so-secret motive.

I want you to buy other products from me later – like my OPA Cash In Playbook, The Six Figure Podcast System Coaching, or 1:1 with me to set up your own “no ads, no content or social media” email list building engine.

This is my way of letting you experience how good this stuff is for yourself. And once you’ve experienced the results for yourself, you’ll be far more likely to work with me again in the future.

Here’s How It Works:
1️⃣ Grab The Buyer Finder Email Template
2️⃣ Write your Buyer Finder Email using the Buyer Finder Email Template (it takes less than 10 minutes)
3️⃣ Hit Send to…
 Get low & mid ticket course sales hitting your stripe account today
See if anyone wants your new course or workshop idea (before you create it)
Find out who on your list is interested in your high-ticket offers
 Fill up your paid masterclass, workshop or challenge in advance
Make sales BEFORE recording any videos, creating slides, or making worksheets
No posting on Social Media, no DM convos, no launch sequence, no cold outreach.

Just Instant Buyers!

One of my friend G did $11,000 in a few days using these emails alone, to a small list of less than 400 people that he built off of a freebie. Safe to say he’ll cut me a check to say thank you for helping him achieve that.

So if I’m not charging $10,000, or $1,000, or even $100 for these templates… what am I charging you?


Yep, that’s it.

Less than the cost of a KFC meals (like I like it if you are in the UK like I am). And you’ll be making money instead of gaining too much calories and fat 🙂

So there’s no reason to wait. If you don’t like them just send an email you’ll get a full refund.

All you have to do is click the button below and I’ll send over the Buyer Finder Email templates immediately.

That way you can send out your Buyer Finder Email today, in the next day or anytime you want and have sales coming in right away.

Here Is What You’ll Get
✔️ The Buyer Finder Email Template to turn your leads into low & mid ticket buyers with a single email
✔️ 2 BONUS TEMPLATES: What to say to get the sale TODAY (with my non-spammy buy-now strategy that your list will THANK you for)

✔️ Backed by a 30-day money back guarantee


If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, send us an email to hello(at)skillbundles(dot)com and we’ll issue you a full refund within 24 hours directly back to your credit card.

Just a quick favor to ask…

Please don’t overlook the power of these email templates. When you see them you will think there is NO WAY something that simple can work.

But they do.

I’ve tried it in niches from online marketing, coaching, consulting and book publishing.

So don’t mess around with them.

Just fill in the blanks and let it rip.

Grab yours now… cuz I don’t know how long I’ll leave this up for.

This isn’t fake scarcity. Sometimes I stop offering things because I’m shifting focus to something else. Or maybe I feel as if too many people have their hands on it so I want to limit public access.

So if you’re on this page right now you may as well grab your templates and test them out.

Use them for your own business or use them for a client.

You have nothing to lose and a bunch of hot leads and sales to gain.

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